Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Visit Your Eye Doctor’s Office

When you think about the common signs of aging, wrinkles probably come to mind. Typical spots where wrinkles occur are near the eyes and eyelids and on the forehead. While you can take preventive measures to keep wrinkles at bay, eye doctors, like Key-Whitman Eye Center’s Mesquite ophthalmologist Kate Lee can be your best resource for a proven wrinkle-banishing tool: BOTOX®.

“BOTOX has been safely used to both prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles for decades. At Key-Whitman, we’ve been performing cosmetic BOTOX treatments for years,” says Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee explains how eye doctors utilize cosmetic BOTOX to turn back time.

What? Eye doctors perform BOTOX treatments?

While you may be surprised to learn that eye doctors offer BOTOX treatments, trusting an ophthalmologist for BOTOX is a smart and safe decision.

According to Dr. Lee, “We highly recommend seeing an eye doctor to get BOTOX, because we are very well versed in the anatomy of the eye and eyelid, as well as the muscles and nerves around the eyes and eyelids. So, we’re very skilled at placing the BOTOX exactly where it should go to deliver optimum results.”

The eye doctor’s expertise in eye anatomy and precision cosmetic BOTOX placement also helps improve aesthetic results. “When BOTOX is placed correctly, you end up with smoother, natural-looking skin and expressions,” explains Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee discusses how eye doctors use BOTOX precisely to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and preserve natural expressions, like smiling.

While BOTOX temporarily relaxes muscles to smooth out skin above the muscles, BOTOX only works at the precise spot where it has been placed. It can’t move to other parts of the body.

Dr. Lee also recommends getting regular treatments to prevent and treat wrinkles. “Most of my patients see the best results from a quarterly BOTOX treatment regimen,” Dr. Lee says.

Let’s talk wrinkle PREVENTION DIYs

While BOTOX is one of the most popular and effective ways to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles, there are steps you can take slow down the onset of wrinkles in the first place. Three key factors contribute to premature aging of the skin. These include:

1. Sun exposure.

According to Dr. Lee, “When it comes to wrinkles, sun exposure is one of the biggest factors. So be sure to wear sunscreen and/or makeup with sunscreen on your face and body. The skin around the eyes and on the face can also be shielded from the sun with sunglasses and a hat.”

2. Hydration.

If you want to prevent wrinkles, stay hydrated inside and out. “There are many excellent hydrating facial and under-eye moisturizers available in the market today. Look for moisturizers that focus on hydration. Your skin also benefits from drinking plenty of water, so don’t forget to get your eight glasses a day,” Dr. Lee says.

3. Sleep.

Don’t skimp on your Zs! “Believe it or not, getting plenty of sleep is very important when it comes to fending off the signs of aging. If you want to maintain a youthful look, make a point to get plenty of rest,” says Dr. Lee.

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Kate Lee, M.D., received her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville and completed her residency at Louisiana State University in New Orleans before moving to Texas. She specializes in cataract surgery with high-technology lens implants and is also proficient at treating glaucoma with laser therapy, correcting eyelid malpositioning, removing eyelid lesions and providing cosmetic Botox.® In her spare time, Dr. Lee enjoys jogging, cycling and traveling with her husband.

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