I had my first IPL treatment on Friday and it was very easy and painless. I am using this laser technology to remove sun spots on my face. It’s great that there’s no downtime with this technology and you can wear your makeup after the initial treatment. I will need one or two additional treatments which I’m already looking forward to the next treatment.

– Renee

Fillers and botox for lip plumping

I didn’t realize just how thin my lips had gotten until the cosmetic center worked their magic with fillers. I had always read that women “of a certain age” should only wear natural lip colors and it was obvious why. Thinning, wrinkled lips look pretty silly with bright colored lipstick. But now, I find I can wear brighter colors (not a fan of red) because I want to show off my lips! They look great and they really make for a more youthful appearance.

– Susan


My Botox only took a few minutes and wasn’t painful at all. The injections really helped the lines on my forehead disappear, and I am looking forward to more procedures in the future.

– Paulette


I love my face!! Specifically, I love what the doctors at the Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center did to my face! They are a.m.a.z.i.n.g! My BOTOX results are one for the books!!! I am so pleased. With my “11s” and the canyon running across my forehead gone, the overall appearance of my face/skin is so much softer. She recommended a small amount of Botox on my crows feet as well, and it took the years right off without looking plastic.

She really has a way with her injectables. “Goldie” made the injections practically painless. I also really appreciated her and the office staffs professional mannerisms. I will definitely be back.

– Jennie

IPL laser and ResurFx

I had a lot of age spots and fine wrinkles on my face. The first treatment appeared to “lift out” the age spots to the surface, and after 3 days I can already see them disappearing! The fine wrinkles just aren’t there anymore and the overall texture of my skin looks even and smooth, without any makeup. This is my dream – to only need moisturizer/sunscreen without any need for makeup to cover skin flaws! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

– Cathy

Botox and earlobe repair.

I would highly recommend the doctors at the Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center to anyone! Throughout the past few years my earring holes have become enlarged. I don’t know what exactly caused this to happen, but after a while they really began to bother me. I knew I needed to get them repaired. I was also bothered by deep wrinkles on my forehead. I have never seen a cosmetic doctor before and I was so nervous. The doctor was so kind, patient, and calm. She eased my nerves by talking me through the whole process of each procedure. She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable. After that, I trusted her and wasn’t so nervous. We first addressed my deep wrinkles. She suggested botox on my forehead, in between my eyebrows, and on my crows feet. She also suggested that I have a few units right above my eyebrows. This gave me a natural eyebrow lift. I loved the results from the botox! My deep wrinkles were completely gone! A few weeks later I returned to have my earring holes repaired. The doctor sutured my earring holes to repair them. I thought I would feel the whole thing, but with the help of some medicine I didn’t feel a thing! The only aftercare that needed to be done was ice for swelling and apply ointment regularly to aid with healing. After a week I had my sutures a removed and my ears looked great! I couldn’t be more happier with both results. The Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center team took such good care of me and showed great hospitality. I’m so happy with my decision to see the Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center and I highly recommend them!

– Kellie


I’m happy with my 2nd treatment of botox to get rid of a line directly above my nose that I’ve always hated. I have much more confidence in my appearance and I’ll definitely continue to see the Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center for my cosmetic concerns.

– Pamela


I had never thought about Botox because I’m so scared of needles but the doctor made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I love the results from my Botox treatment. I did not realize until after seeing her that Botox could give me a brow lift to open up my eyes. My friends keep asking me what’s different about me. I would recommend my friends and family come see her. She is the best.

– Linda

Botox to forehead and crow’s feet

The doctors at the Key-Whitman Cosmetic Center are wonderful! They make you feel very relaxed and well informed about the procedure. My frown lines and crow’s feet are gone. VERY HAPPY with the results.

– Angela

Botox and laser skin resurfacing

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the laser skin resurfacing. The procedure did not take very long and was minimally uncomfortable. I tend to be anxious by nature but the doctor and staff put me at ease by explaining the procedure and expectations before proceeding. In addition, they conversed with me throughout the laser treatment to help me stay relaxed and informed. The post-op care is very simple and I was able to wear makeup just a few hours after the procedure. My skin was a bit red for the first few days but I feel like my skin is already smoother after my first treatment. I would highly recommend this treatment if you are looking for an easy way to give your skin a boost.

– Cathryn